Welcome to financial freedom.


We are a club of diverse people who share a commitment and passion for unified investing. To join our club it is required that you share our enthusiasm for integrity as well as a team work approach to navigating the world of real estate investing. Once you join the club you have full control over what investments you partake in after receiving the full information on the investment opportunity. We are looking forward to adding you to our team!

Earn 33 times the interest

Why settle for 0.06% interest at a bank when you could have 2% interest with Berkley Okane?

Open a Flexible Money Account (FMA) to invest with Berkley Okane and earn 2% interest on your money!


The Heart of the Mid-West

Based in the prime location of Kenosha, Wisconsin, our properties appeal to renters from 3 of the largest cities in the midwest.

The Promise


Berkley Okane was founded on an investor-first business structure where we promise to pay the investor before we pay ourselves. As an investor, you will be contributing to building and restoring American Real Estate with our club of like-minded investors.

The American Home

With small investments from hardworking Americans, we build and renovate comfortable homes to house people from Chicago, Illinois to Minneapolis, Minnesota.